Remove Your Fog(Q/A):

1. Wearing Jewels:

Even though wearing Jewels is a custom (Isa:61:10,3:16,18-24)to show a girl or bride beautiful, it turned to be a sign of pride and worldliness. So in the new testament, it is shown as the adornment of the lady sitting on the red beast (considered to be anti-Christ) Rev : 17: 3,4. Again Peter recommends inner beauty rather than beautifying outwardly ( I Pet: 3:4).

In the Old Testament time Rebecca was given lots of gold ornaments as a gift by Abraham’s servant Eliezer. Today we can take it as symbol for spiritual gifts.

Still, we live in a world which looks for acceptance of a person before listening to our testimony. So if wearing a small insignificant chain just for acceptance of a non-Christian would make a way for them to listen to your Gospel, then it cannot be a symbol of pride. Rather removing all the ornaments may be a hindrance for others, as they may feel that you are trying to change them also like you.

Moreover, removing or wearing totally depends on one’s dedication and commitment. The “purpose” for wearing Gold ornaments is much more important. Because for Christian living it is important to practice the single rule of I Cor:10:31-33 :

If you ask these questions before doing anything, you will find the answer.

2. Investing in Gold/land/Share/ Mutual fund etc

Bible never opposes wise investment ( II Cor:12:14) but having our dependence on such things will alienate us from the trust on God. Our hope and security can be in the Lord only ( I Tim: 6:7).

Better investment is storing in heaven as Jesus recommended in Mt:6:10-21.

When a person go for investing in Mutual Fund and Shares he works so hard all the time keeping it safe by which his heart will always be disturbed as Jesus foresee it.

3. Getting loan to invest in properties? Credit cards, EMIs etc?

Bible is clear in giving a command “not to be a debtor” to anyone (Rom:13:8). But people go for loans with presumption that the value of properties will earn more than their loan and interest rates and feel this as a finance management or business, which depends on situation. But it is always better not to go for loan.

Keeping a credit card always takes you to a “tempting area”. Unless otherwise you have a strong control over you, it would be trap always. EMI is another form of settling loan. So in GEMS we do not practice any such things. Whenever the Lord wants us to have anything, it is provided by our rich God.

4. Tithing

As per New Testament, we are dead to all the law (Rom:7:4,6). Tithing is mentioned in Genesis in the life of Abraham and Jacob, even before the law was given. (Gen:14:20, 28:22). It is a revelation in their lives rather than a demand.

New Testament talks about cheerful giving as well as total surrender. So everything belongs to the Lord when I come to Him. I have only the right like a steward. So I must not act as an owner. So setting aside a percentage is not right according to my conviction. I must use only what is required for me, and the rest belongs to the Lord. This is my understanding.

The picture we have in Exodus is beautiful. Moses told Pharaoh, “We will take everything with us and offer whatever the Lord shows to us” ( Ex:10:25).

5. Elijah should come?

We do not believe in incarnation but a person on the stature of Elijah will come with the same kind of power and attitude. As for as the bible is concerned (in Jesus words) ‘Elijah has come in the form of John the Baptist’ - mal:4:5, math:11:10,14.

6. Lending Luke :6:35

Here, Jesus mentioned as ‘Loan’ is regarding giving only, as the giver should not expect it back because v:34 clearly says it. Also it should be giving without ‘interest’.

7. Can a wife minister when the husband objects?

We all should be governed by heavenly law first(Acts:4:19). Then by the Social laws. Again the wife is supposed to obey the husband in the Lord (Eph:5:22, Col:3:18)

But, in order to have peaceful atmosphere in the family the wife must try to convince her husband rather than adamantly trying to bring a chaos.

8. Can we read the Bible or witness during working hours in our work place?

Give Caesar what is belonging to Caesar and give God what is belonging to God ( Luk:20:25) If you have finished your job in your work place, you are free to read the Bible. And witnessing in-between your conversation is also permissible. But your work should not suffer, as we are His witnesses all the time.